Be Curious with Aly Migliori

aly migliori at martin williams be curious speaker event

Our latest Be Curious speaker, filmmaker Aly Migliori, visited Martin Williams to share the story of her developing creative career and path to entrepreneurship. We were naturally interested in learning about Aly’s experience, as we consider her part of our own tribe–a creator of content for brands. Once the conversation began, we were hungry to hear how Aly was turning her art into a business (she owns her own production company) and lifestyle (she gets to choose which projects she takes on). Every day, she taps into her talent to further her passion and champion her own fight as a feminist who takes on roles traditionally held by men. I would love to list all of Aly’s accomplishments and credentials for you, but neither you nor I have that kind of time. Luckily for those who are curious, Aly has compiled her accolades and work on her website and Instagram.

Those of us jealous of her long list of accomplishments were happy to hear that Aly began her career like many of us. When she was younger, art provided respite from the stress of getting into college. Ironically, it was this creative knack that proved to be her ticket into Brown University. During her time at Brown, Aly discovered filmmaking and took classes with accomplished artists and filmmakers. To her credit, she figured out an important lesson early on: respect and appreciate the hours and years necessary to learn the technical side of your craft. For example, she is driven to master her camera work, stay up-to-date with editing software, master the art of client service, and all of the other stuff that may not seem exciting, but comes with the job. She admits she sometimes regrets not learning more of these skills earlier in her career. And Aly acknowledges the importance of these skills and specifically takes on certain projects to help hone them. To me, this seems to be both the secret and the brilliance of filmmaking: You must know the technical in order to master the art.

As an up-and-coming talent, Aly explained that she must be willing to be a novice under established filmmakers but also work her side hustle and create projects of her own. There is a trick to finding the balance between learning from others and furthering your own work. With the technical know-how you gain from being curious and seeking new opportunities, you develop the skills needed to create work you are proud of. Aly shared that she has learned over time that you should take advantage of opportunities, and say yes to as much as you can (even in some uncertain situations), because you never know what you could miss out on by being too picky.

Aly preached, “The most important investment you can make is in Invest in growing, and keep up the hustle. As you learn and turn that collection of lessons into mastery, you are better equipped to create work you are proud of and fulfill your mission as a storyteller.”

But don’t take my word for it. Talk to Aly:

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