Be Curious with Jacquie Berglund

Martin Williams was recently visited by Jacquie Berglund and two coolers of beer that she brought with her to share with the agency. Jacquie came in for Be Curious, a monthly event held for our agency to hear the stories of the most inspirational people in our community and spend some time picking these influencers’ brains.

Jacquie is The Rambunctious Social Entrepreneur, CEO, and Co- Founder of one of our beloved clients, FINNEGANS. She started the brand and brought social cause to the local beer scene. Jacquie is one of those people that walks in a room and completely shifts the atmosphere. Her self-described rambunctiousness excites a room, and as she waves, laughs, and talks about her story, her passion shows through. It’s infectious. It was obvious to everyone in the room why FINNEGANS exists and what gets Jacquie motivated: making a difference. For those of you that may not know, FINNEGANS donates 100% of their profits to feeding the hungry. Their Turn Beer Into Food Initiative makes FINNEGANS the second longest running social enterprise to donate 100% of profits, behind only Newman’s Own.

We asked Jacquie about growing up, starting FINNEGANS, and her tips for success. She has long been involved in social causes, seemingly as a serial-volunteer. Jacquie then spent years living in France, eventually moved to Minneapolis. She then found herself working with Kieran Folliard (a prominent Minneapolis restauranteur) in his restaurants. The formed a partnership that would lead to them starting a beer company with a mission to make a difference in their community. Today, FINNEGANS is looking forward to the opening of their brewery, FINNovation Lab, and event space in Minneapolis, which has been the primary focus of Jacquie’s efforts for the past few years. Jacquie and the FINNEGANS team see the opening of their new space as a way to have more impact in the community, and that is what keeps them pushing through the long days.

So here are Jacquie’s secrets to success:

  1. Grit
  2. Grit
  3. Grit
  4. And Grit

Grit, as defined by Angela Duckworth, is the intersection of passion and perseverance. Jacquie will be the first to tell you her team is everything for FINNEGANS and they are a first class example of what grit can do for a company.  I know what you’re thinking…

“Hey, I want to know more about FINNEGANS.” – Watch this:

“Hey, how do I learn more about Jacquie?” – Follow her: @JRBerglund



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