We’re proud to #CommitToChange

At Martin Williams, we’re proud of our history of partnership with, and support of, The BrandLab. We’ve provided financial contributions, volunteered, hosted events, participated in roundtable conversations, and mentored interns.

But it’s not enough. We can be doing more to promote diversity and inclusion in our industry, our community, and our company.

Our story is not unique. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, agencies all across our industry must commit to doing more. But industry-wide change can be a nebulous and hazy concept. That’s why today we’re focusing on a set of specific goals and commitments to expand and diversify our agency and to help us to move to where we need to be.

Education: We will provide anti-racism training to leadership and the agency at large. We will work to foster a work environment that is more inclusive toward diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Representation: We will extend agency outreach to a more diverse representation of colleges, universities, and art schools. We will expand our internship programs to candidates with transferable skills who may not have taken a traditional path toward advertising. And we will invest in supporting our diverse talent throughout their careers via training, mentorship, and opportunities for advancement.

Influence: We will take a deeper look at our own creative work to ensure we are promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will work with clients, vendors, and partners who share the same values that we do.

And we will work to expand this list to create a stronger workplace and culture.

Everyone starts somewhere. Here’s where we’re starting.

Today we’re linking arms with The BrandLab, Six Hundred & Rising and many of our fellow agencies in Minneapolis and Kansas City to share staffing demographics. MW is a part of the Omnicom network of companies. Omnicom shares diversity and inclusion information at network level. Please visit the Omnicom Diversity & Inclusion page to learn more.