Harvesting a new website

Golden Harvest is a hardworking seeds company with finely tuned local agronomic expertise. They have a solid foundation of genetics, agronomy, and service that can help their customers get the most from every field. And they needed a new website that properly reflected these guiding characteristics that they work hard to uphold every day.

The website project was a relatively quick-turn assignment, with only three months between kick off and launch. The goals of this site were general product exposure, information on how to use the products, agricultural best practices in the seeds industry, and where to buy Golden Harvest seeds or find a seed advisor.

Our digital team started with the brief that we needed to create a personalized experience that was as hardworking as the Golden Harvest seeds. The IA/UX team came up with the idea of making everything personalized for the user, so the content that means the most to their region and growing season was automatically served up and easy to find.

The personalization of the site was an important feature, to reinforce that Golden Harvest as a brand takes great pride in having extensive local knowledge of soil, conditions, and what seed will work best in any specific area. The site uses geolocation to pinpoint where the user is located, and serves up curated content for the region and the local growing season. The site also showcases yield results for local areas, giving a sense of what can be expected from Golden Harvest seeds that have been planted near their location.

In addition to the season-specific, constantly changing personalized content, the site also features Golden Harvest Grow More Experience sites, which are showcase locations where growers can see Golden Harvest products firsthand.

The content taxonomy is simple. It is divided by 19 regions, five growing stages, and two different crops. Where you grow, what stage of growth your region is currently in, and what crop is in your field. We interviewed growers from different regions, and their overwhelming response was that they needed to know what was going on locally. That’s what mattered to them. And that is what drove our taxonomy—the needs of the grower.

The brand itself also went through a redesign, with a newly extended color palette, and a subtle graphic nod to the hardworking nature of the brand and its growers through photography and design.

Golden Harvest is a great seed brand with extensive expertise and a rich history, and now they have a new digital home that lives up to their brand.


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