What inspires me: Code in today’s world

Seeing the world adapt to code in everyday life and how it has changed how we are engaged. When I was younger my first computer was a TI-99 and in order to save programs I had to use a tape recorder.


Now back then I wrote in a language that was called ‘Basic’ and we wrote simple functions that did nothing more than loop and fill up your screen with whatever saying you wanted. The internet at that time was all bulletin boards you had to use a phone, with a cord, to dial into them, and that took 20 minutes or so……


Today there are over 256 programming languages in active use. Those languages are being used to change the world all around us. From autonomous driving, VR Surgery, to the recording of our everyday lives.

I am inspired that schools are now adapting to the new languages in our lives. Instead of Spanish, German, and Latin. Our kids can learn Java, C++, and simple Markup.

Last summer, I watched laughing as teenagers and adults with kids walked around aimlessly with their phones out in front of them, playing the augmented reality game Pokémon Go. There was even a Pokémon gym right next to my house and it was very entertaining to watch the groups of diverse people trying to win the gym.

I am inspired by everything code creates and the constant evolving use in everyday life.

Jason Wynne

Director of Creative Technology

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