Meet Fred, our BrandLab Intern

We’d like to extend a big hearty welcome to our BrandLab intern, Fred. We’ve been proud to partner with The BrandLab, who makes it their mission to introduce, guide and prepare diverse students for creative careers in marketing and advertising.

And we’re lucky to have Fred at MW. He is a curious soul (which is why he is going to fit in great here) and loves to work collaboratively. We sat down with him to learn a little bit more about what makes him tick.

  • How did Fred get involved in BrandLab? Sophomore year of high school, Fred had a class with his brother, and they were both always getting in trouble. To their teacher told him he needed to raise his grade, and one way to do that was through a program called The BrandLab. It was this serendipitous turn of events that propelled him into his first internship at Yamamoto. After enjoying the work so much, he transitioned into a winter internship at MIA, and now we snagged him at MW. Why is he so interested in advertising? Simple: it’s collaborative, laid-back, and “structured fun.”
  • Fred is passionate about (and really good at) video production. He and his friends are completely self-taught in their shooting and post-production skills and technique. As far as subject matter goes, he enjoys urban exploring, and is particularly fond of abandoned places.
  • What’s the coolest video he’s ever made? His favorite video happens to be the first he ever made (you can watch it below). It took months to finish, but was well worth it. Fred and his friends had no clue what they were doing, which gives them even more pride, since it was all self-taught.
  • When it comes to birth order, he’s the baby of the fam. He likes being the youngest because he has been able to learn a lot from his older siblings, and he SWEARS he isn’t spoiled.
  • What’s his favorite childhood t-shirt? He proudly sported a Rugrats tee featuring Chuckie Finster and Reptar the dinosaur from Kindergarten until 4th grade (to the point where it barely covered his bellybutton). Does he still have it? You bet.
  • Favorite song right now: Unforgettable by French Montana ft. Swae Lee
  • And finally, what makes Fred curious? “Everything is more than meets the eye, so I want to get to the reason behind each decision,” he said. “I used to watch commercials and didn’t think much of it. But now I watch a TV spot and I see a copywriter, writing and re-writing. And a producer asking for another take. Now I understand how complicated being behind a camera really is once you think of all the decisions that need to be made.”

Video by: Fred Williams and Mahjur Ahmed

Music: Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding


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