There’s a reason we call it velocity.


It’s the way our industry moves and evolves. The speed you need to stay ahead. Because the minute you stop pushing to find what’s next, you can get left behind. And we really, really don’t want you to get left behind.

A Velocity Internship means you’ll get training from some of the best in the country at what they do. And the chance to do real work for real clients. (Trust us, there’s more than enough to go around.) We’d like nothing more than to spend the summer with motivated, curious and adaptable people who are ready to not just learn, but share the workload and, occasionally, donuts.

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
– Confucius

Velocity applications are closed for 2019


Q: Can I apply for more than one position in the Velocity program?
Yes, but be sure you consider the nuances of each specific application.
Q: What positions are available through Velocity?
This year, the positions are digital production artist, writer, account manager and engagement.
Q: When is the Velocity application due?
March 15, 2019. Your application must be received or postmarked by this deadline.
Q: If I get into the Velocity program, will it lead to a full-time gig after it’s over?
Our crystal ball is broken. We can’t guarantee employment past the end of the program. That said, we are fortunate to have a pretty great track record of being able to hire directly from the Velocity group, but that is not a guarantee.
Q: What are the specific dates of the Velocity program?
June 3 to Sept. 27, 2019.
Q: Will I get paid?
Yep—the Velocity program is a paid internship.
Q: Do I really need to be done with school to be considered for the Velocity program?
Yes, you do. The Velocity program is specifically geared for those who are finished with school.
Q: Do I need to have an advertising degree or background in order to apply?
Not necessarily. There are many different degree paths that could lead to a job within our industry.
Q: What is the difference between project management and account management?
Account managers are primarily responsible for the day-to-day running of one or more clients’ businesses. Project managers manage the process of moving a job through the agency.
Q: How many people will get interviews for the Velocity positions?
It depends. We will go through the applications and narrow them down to those we think could be wonderful in the Velocity program. That could mean we’d be seeing as few as a couple, or as many as eight or nine, for each position.
Q: Is it OK to be a Velocity team member and own a pet at the same time?
We think so, yes. Please just remember to feed them.
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