Project Managment Internship

Are your friends amazed at your ability to juggle classes, homework and extracurriculars while maintaining a freakishly calm exterior? You might be the perfect project manager intern at MW. You’ll work alongside project managers in all media types to examine possibilities and help bring them to life. Get ready to start defining project goals, scopes, timelines, budgets and answer the question "How do we make that happen?"

Design Internship

Our creatives believe in creating ideas that can. Ideas rooted deeply in human insights. Clutter-breaking ideas, meticulously crafted to light the fuse of conversation and inspire action. Can you create ideas that do that? Are you obsessed with color and composition? Do you dream about using art and design to propel a brand’s voice into the world? Did you name your dog Helvetica? Then, my friend, you may be the candidate for our design internship.


Apply In Person

Go old-school and march your cover letter, resume, and portfolio (if applicable) into our office. Bonus points if you make a full second of eye contact.

Martin Williams Advertising

150 South 5th Street
Suite 900
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm


Apply Online

Not ready for the spotlight’s harsh and gleaming glare? You can also apply online. Drop your hopes, dreams, and most creative thoughts into the form below.

Velocity Internship

Velocity 2021 is a go.

Listen, a lot could happen in 2021. A "Ratatouille" musical. A Quibi revival. Mysterious monoliths overtaking us all. All we know for sure is that we'll be having our Velocity internship program. And not one of those three events would stop us.