Project Heartland

Martin Williams

In early 2017, many marketers were beginning to realize there was much more to know about middle America. They realized maybe they didn’t quite understand this whole slice of the country. And since we live here, we felt like it was a great opportunity to explore and tell that story. Inspired to understand our differences, and even more importantly what we have in common, four Martin Williams employees set out into the Heartland on a mission to uncover core truths—covering eight states in just seven days. We believe these truths can be applied to any brand looking to connect with audiences in the Heartland. Check out our Project Heartland video series, and see what we found out.

Episode 1: Life in the Heartland
Episode 2: Hard Work
Episode 3: Tight Community
Episode 4: Stay Humble
Episode 5: Family is Everything
Episode 6: Do the Right Thing
Episode 7: Common Threads
Episode 8: Oodles of Oddities
“"If people don't want to see the beauty here, they can fly over and keep on going."”

- Kirk Moser of Moser Family Farms